We already have Thingiverse, My Mini Factory, and ten more services to share designs and makes. Why do we need another one? is primarily designed to be your personal project hosting. You don't need to upload model designs, it is about the way you make things. Create projects, add prints and post-processing steps, save photos and .gcode files. If you then decide to show the project to someone, you can send them a link to a nicely-looking overview page of your project or a separate print. In short: you can share a project hosted on, but it is not a platform for sharing.

Ok, it's different. Does it mean I want to use it?

Of course, there is a chance that is not for you. But if you do decide to track your projects, you can get insights and learn a few things that are only possible when you see a bigger picture. You can add detailed information about your filament, save slicer settings alongside your prints, fill in print quality checklist, or only use the service to store categorized photos of your projects. In any case, this is your personal space and nobody will judge you for boring prints.

We even encourage you to add test, calibration, and failed prints, as those are the ones you learn from the most. is not a social platform and thus, you cannot "like" a project. But you can bookmark one if you find it useful or inspirational.

But it is so boring. I'll have to fill in so many different fields.

There are indeed many options already available and more will be added. But only you decide what to save. There is not a single required field anywhere, so you are free to use only the features you find interesting. We are also working on making input easier. Already, if you create a print by uploading a .gcode file, we will extract as much information from it as possible and prefill related fields.

At the same time, we advise comprehensive input. With a big enough data set, we will be able to give recommendations on optimal print settings, provide charts of your activities, give inspiration for your future projects based on what you have been working on before.

Sounds fair, but I don't see these charts anywhere.

We have a lot of features in development. To launch the service, we focused on making handy input forms, so you have a place to save all the information that could be useful in the future. Be sure to let us know what else you would like to have on the platform or what features we should work on first. Once registered, you can do it here.

So, no social features at all? What if I want to follow the awesome work of a skillful creator?

It is possible that we will be adding commenting, following, likes, or feature best projects on the front page. But those things are not considered to be essential for the service now and stand low in the priority list.

And is it for free?

We will be adding paid plans in the future to support development and hosting. But you can expect that everything that is available for free at any time, will remain to be free forever.

Sounds good? Give us a try!