Preview GCODE models in your browser is a service built to manage and organize your 3D-printing projects. Many of our features revolve around initializing your prints with .gcode files, which allows prefilling relevant information about your prints automatically. With an interactive model previewer, we can push that experience even further. We are happy to announce that users now can open 3D models on the print management page for the prints that have a .gcode file saved.

The first release of the model previewer includes some important features:

  • generating pseudo-light to circumvent browser rendering limitations
  • detecting and highlighting support and adhesion material sliced in Cura
  • removing intro/priming line
  • automatic initial model scaling and positioning

Where to try it out

If you have a account, all your prints already have a preview option next to the .gcode file link. Otherwise, you can quickly try out previewer and our other features at

Is this all?

We are not stopping at this and plan to add more features to the gcode previewer. Here is a shortlist of planned improvements:

  • making model previewer available in the project gallery
  • adjusting model color according to the filament assigned to it
  • adding automatic model size indicators
  • pseudo-light algorithm improvements