Mange your 3D-printing projects with

Usually, you get your printer and immediately jump right into it: print the dog, cat, and all other models from the SD card. Download your long wanted miniature. Design an awesome functional piece to keep your workplace tidy. But what is the best way to keep memories of your best prints? Where to note some mistakes you should avoid next time? How to convince your friends that 3D printing is the best hobby ever? These are the problems we are trying to solve with - a service to make 3D-printing more memorable and keep everything organized.

Keep track of your projects and prints

We value user experience and designed our system to fit the needs of both experienced professional makers and casual hobbyists. You can make detailed stories of your projects and describe not only printing but post-processing and assembling too. Or drop a few photos of your 30-minutes print and call it a day.

Decide what you want to share

Sometimes you build an awesome thing and want to show it to everybody. Other prints and projects are too boring or too private. welcomes any kind of print. But if you decide to share your project, it will be more than just a nice gallery. Our forms designed to answer those typical questions that others will ask: What type of filament? How long did it take? What are the slicer settings? Can I have an stl link?

Want to upload pictures of calibration prints to keep track of the print quality over time or compare different filaments? You can do that too. Make sure to create a dedicated project for this to keep everything grouped.

Be sure to add failed prints too. Not only learn from your own mistakes but be proud of gradual improvements that will surely come.

Keep track of your filament

Once you burn through several spools of filament, you'll notice that it's not that easy to remember all the details that might come in handy.

Want to remember which brands, colors, or types perform better? What is the sweet spot for printing temperature and flow rate? Which filament had that pesky adhesion problem? We have prepared a place to write that all down.

Did you ever wonder how many things you can print with one regular spool of filament? Now you will have the answer measured in the prints you did yourself.

Not convinced yet?

Here is what you can do with in a nutshell:

  • create projects and set description, tags, links for them
  • make projects open or only accessible by you
  • add prints to projects and set date/time, print duration, description, slicer notes
  • attach .gcode files to a print (only visible to the owner)
  • preview .gcode models in your browser
  • add detailed slicer settings information
  • fill in print quality checklist
  • attach photos or Youtube videos to projects and prints
  • share project gallery, which includes general information, photos, and videos from all steps assigned to the project
  • share a gallery for an individual print
  • add information about your filament, including type, color, price, weight, notes
  • assign filament to prints

And we are actively working on adding new features too. Extra graphs, reports, and analytical tools are in development. Start creating projects now and stay tuned for updates.

Want to give it a try?

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